Calling several workflows simultaneously runs the called workflows synchronously as part of the run of the calling workflow. The calling workflow waits for all of the called workflows to complete before it continues. The calling workflow can use the results of the called workflows as input parameters when it runs its subsequent schema elements.

You call several workflows simultaneously from another workflow by using the Nested Workflows element. You can use nested workflows to run workflows with user credentials that are different from the credentials of the user of the calling workflow.

Open a workflow for editing in the workflow editor.

Add some elements to the workflow schema.


Drag a Nested Workflows element from the Action & Workflow menu to the appropriate position in the workflow schema.

The Choose workflow selection dialog box appears.


Search for and select a workflow to start and click OK.


Link the Nested Workflows element to the elements that precede and follow it in the workflow schema.


Click the Nested Workflows element to show its properties tabs in the bottom half of the Schema tab.


Click the Workflows tab.

The workflow you selected in Step 2 appears in the tab.


Set the IN and OUT bindings for this workflow in the IN and OUT tabs in the right panel of the Workflows schema element properties tab.


Click the Connection Info tab in the right panel of the Workflows schema element properties tab.

The Connection Info tab allows you to access workflows stored in a different server to the local one, using the appropriate credentials.


To access workflows on a remote server, select Remote and click Not set to provide a host name or IP address for the remote server.


Define the credentials with which to access the remote server.

Select Inherit to use the same credentials as the user who runs the calling workflow.

Select Dynamic and click Not set to select a set of dynamic credentials that a parameter of the credentials type defines elsewhere in the workflow.

Select Static and click Not set to enter the credentials directly.


Click the Add Workflow button in the Workflows tab to select more workflows to add to the nested workflow element.


Repeat Step 2 to Step 9 to define the settings for each of the workflows you add.


Click the nested workflow element in the workflow schema.

The number of workflows nested in the element appears as a numeral on the nested workflows element.

You called several workflows simultaneously from a workflow.

You can define long-running workflows.