The workflow editor consists of tabs on which you edit the components of the workflows.

Workflow Editor Tabs




Edit the workflow name, provide a description of what the workflow does, set the version number, see the user permissions, define the behavior of the workflow if the Orchestrator server restarts, and define the workflow's global attributes.


Define the parameters that the workflow requires when it runs. These input parameters are the data that the workflow processes. The workflow's behavior changes according to these parameters.


Define the values that the workflow generates when it completes its run. Other workflows or actions can use these values when they run.


Build the workflow. You build the workflow by dragging workflow schema elements from the workflow palette on the left side of the Schema tab. Clicking an element in the schema diagram allows you to define and edit the element's behavior in the bottom half of the Schema tab.


Define the layout of the user input dialog box that appears when users run a workflow. You arrange the parameters and attributes into presentation steps and groups to ease identification of parameters in the input parameters dialog box. You define the constraints on the input parameters that users can provide in the presentation by setting the parameter properties.

Parameters References

View which workflow elements consume the attributes and parameters in the logical flow of the workflow. This tab also shows the constraints on these parameters and attributes that you define in the Presentation tab.

Workflow Tokens

View details about each workflow run. This information includes the workflow's status, the user who ran it, the business status of the current element, and the time and date when the workflow started and ended.


View information about each individual event that occurs when the workflow runs. This information includes a description of the event, the user who triggered it, the type and origin of the event, and the time and date when it occurred.


Set the permissions to interact with the workflow for users or groups of users.