The attribute of a user interaction element sets which users or groups of users have permission to respond to the user interaction.

Create a workflow.

Open the workflow for editing in the workflow editor.

Add some elements and a user interaction to the workflow schema.

Identify an LDAP user group to respond to the user interaction request.


Click the User Interaction element in the workflow schema.


Click the Attributes tab for the user interaction.


Click Not set for the source parameter to set which users can respond to the user interaction.


(Optional) Select NULL to allow all users to respond to the request for user interaction.


To limit the permission to respond to a specific user or user group, click Create parameter/attribute in workflow.

The Parameter information dialog box opens.


Name the parameter.


Select Create workflow ATTRIBUTE with the same name to create the LdapGroup attribute in the workflow.


Click Not set for the parameter value to open the LdapGroup selection box.


Type the name of the LDAP user group in the Filter text box.


Select the LDAP user group from the list and click Select.

For example, selecting the Administrators group means that only members of that group can respond to this request for user interaction.

You limited the permission to respond to the user interaction request.


Click OK to close the Parameter information dialog box.

You set the attribute for the user interaction.

Set the attribute to set the timeout period for the user interaction.

To set the timeout to an absolute date and time, see Set the Attribute to an Absolute Date.

To create a function to calculate a timeout that is relative to the current date and time, see Calculate a Relative Timeout for User Interactions.