With device management workflows you can manage the devices that are connected to a virtual machine or to a host datastore.


Adds a virtual CD-ROM to a virtual machine. If the virtual machine has no IDE controller, the workflow creates one.

Add disk

Adds a virtual disk to a virtual machine.

Change RAM

Changes the amount of RAM of a virtual machine.

Convert disks to thin provisioning

Converts thick-provisioned disks of virtual machines to thin-provisioned disks.

Convert independent disks

Converts all independent virtual machine disks to normal disks by removing the independent flag from the disks.

Disconnect all detachable devices from a running virtual machine

Disconnects floppy disks, CD-ROM drives, parallel ports, and serial ports from a running virtual machine.

Mount floppy disk drive

Mounts a floppy disk drive FLP file from the ESX datastore.