Resource maps are visual representations of your datacenter topology. Each icon in a resource map represents a managed object or its current state. Controls in the Maps tab enable you to work with the current resource map.

The icons in a resource map represent the objects in the inventory and their current state. Resource Map Icons describes the map icons.

Resource Map Icons



host icon

Host icon.

host vmotion icon

A host that is compatible for vMotion migration. The color of the circle varies in intensity based on the load of the current host. Heavily used hosts are pale; low-load hosts are saturated green.

host that is not compatible for migration with vMotion

A host that is not compatible for vMotion migration.

virtual machine icon

Virtual machine icon. When the virtual machine is powered on, the icon contains a green triangle.

network icon

Network icon.

datastore icon

Datastore icon.

Use the controls in the Maps tab to customize map relationships, refresh map views, and move the focus of the current map. Resource Map Interface Controls describes the controls located on the Maps tab.

Resource Map Interface Controls

Map Interface Panel


Overview panel

Thumbnail graphic of the full-scale map.

Map Relationships panel

Displayed when more than one map view is available. The Map Relationships panel lets you customize map relationships for hosts and virtual machines. Use the checkboxes to enable or disable relationships for the selected object and display them in the current resource map.

Refresh link

Maps do not auto-refresh. Click Refresh to synchronize your map with the current state of the inventory and to center the map view.

Inventory panel

When selecting through the Inventory navigation bar, a selected item stays highlighted to indicate map focus.

When selecting through the Maps navigation bar, all items in the inventory are listed with a check box. You can select or deselect any inventory items you do not want included in the map.