You can filter a list if it is too long, or if you are looking for specific items in the list (alarms that begin with the word "datastore," for example). You can show and hide the filter field by using the Filtering option in the View menu.

The list is updated based on whether filtering is on or off. For example, if you are in the Virtual Machines tab, you have filtered the list and the filtered text is “powered on." You see a list of virtual machines whose state is set to powered on. If the state of any virtual machine changes, the virtual machine is removed from the list. Virtual machines that are added to the list are also filtered.


On any inventory panel that displays a list, click the arrow next to the filter box at the top right of the pane.


Select the attributes on which to filter.


Enter search criteria into the filter field.

The search automatically starts after a pause of more than one second. Neither boolean expressions nor special characters are supported. Filtering is not case-sensitive.


(Optional) Click Clear to clear the filter field.