Canceling a task stops a running task from occurring. Canceling a scheduled task does not cancel subsequent runs. To cancel a scheduled task that has not run, reschedule it.


You can only cancel a subset of tasks by using the vSphere Client.

Required privileges:

Manual tasks: Tasks.Update Task

Scheduled tasks:Scheduled Task.Remove Task

Appropriate permissions on the host where the task is running

To cancel a task, the vSphere Client must be connected to a vCenter Server system.


Locate the task in the Recent Tasks pane of the Status Bar.

By default, the Status Baris displayed at the bottom of the vSphere Client. If it is not visible, select View > Status Bar.


Right-click the appropriate task and select Cancel.

If the cancel option is unavailable, the selected task cannot be canceled.

The vCenter Server system or ESXi host stops the progress of the task and returns the object to its previous state. The vSphere Client displays the task with a Canceled status.