With storage DRS workflows you perform storage-related operations, such as creating and configuring a datastore cluster, removing a datastore from cluster, adding storage to a cluster, and so on.

Add datastore to cluster

Adds datastores to a datastore cluster. Datastores must be able to connect to all hosts to be included in the datastore cluster. Datastores must have the same connection type to reside within a datastore cluster.

Change Storage DRS per virtual machine configuration

Sets Storage DRS settings for each virtual machine.

Configure datastore cluster

Configures datastore cluster setting values for automation and runtime rules.

Create simple datastore cluster

Creates a simple datastore cluster with default configuration. The new datastore cluster contains no datastores.

Create Storage DRS scheduled task

Creates a scheduled task for reconfiguring a datastore cluster. Only automation and runtime rules can be set.

Create virtual machine anti-affinity rule

Creates an anti-affinity rule to indicate that all virtual disks of certain virtual machines must be kept on different datastores.

Create VMDK anti-affinity rule

Creates a VMDK anti-affinity rule for a virtual machine that indicates which of its virtual disks must be kept on different datastores. The rule applies to the virtual disks of the selected virtual machine.

Remove datastore cluster

Removes a datastore cluster. Removing a datastore cluster also removes all of the settings and the alarms for the cluster from the vCenter Server system.

Remove datastore from cluster

Removes a datastore from a datastore cluster and puts the datastore in a datastore folder.

Remove Storage DRS scheduled task

Removes a scheduled Storage DRS task.

Remove virtual machine anti-affinity rule

Removes a virtual machine anti-affinity rule for a given datastore cluster.

Remove VMDK anti-affinity rule

Removes a VMDK anti-affinity rule for a given datastore cluster.