Before you deploy the vCenter Server Appliance or install vCenter Single Sign On on Windows, make sure all machines on the network have their clocks synchronized. Unsynchonized clocks can cause installation and authentication errors.

On systems joined to a Windows domain, the vCenter Server Appliance clock is synchronized automatically with the domain controller. On other systems, you can enable synchronizing the clock through VMware Tools. See the Installing and Configuring VMware Tools Guide. As an alternative, you can use this procedure.


Log into the vCenter Server Appliance as root.


From a command line, enter the following commands to configure and start an NTP client.

yast2 ntp-client add server=your_chosen_time_server
yast2 ntp-client enable

Enter the following command to request immediate synchronization with the time server.

sntp -P no -r your_chosen_time_server

The vCenter Server Appliance clock is synchronized with the NTP server.