The install, upgrade, and installorupgrade installation script commands require the use of disk device names.

Disk Device Names






The device name as reported by the vmkernel



The device name


When you perform a scripted upgrade from ESX 4.x to ESXi 5.x, the MPX and VML disk names change, which might cause the upgrade to fail. To avoid this problem, use Network Address Authority Identifiers (NAA IDs) for the disk device instead of MPX and VML disk names.

After you obtain the NAA ID or VML number, typically from the BIOS of the storage adapter, you can modify the kickstart file (ks.cfg) for each host to identify the disk device by the NAA ID or VML number.

Some devices do not provide an NAA ID. In these circumstances, an MPX Identifier is generated by ESXi to represent the LUN or disk. The identifier takes a form similar to the canonical name of previous versions of ESXi with the mpx. prefix. This identifier can be used exactly as the NAA ID. See Knowledge Base article 1014953.