In VMware vSphere 4.0 and higher, networks have their own set of access control privileges. As a result, you might need to reconfigure your permissions to grant the new network privileges. This is required if you have nonpropagating Read-only permission set on the datacenter.

Network Privileges lists the default network privileges that, when selected for a role, can be paired with a user and assigned to a network.

Network Privileges

Privilege Name

Actions Granted to Users


Pair with Object

Effective on Object

Assign Network

Assign a network to a virtual machine.

VCenter Servers

virtual machine

network, virtual machine

Configure Network

Configure a network.

hosts, vCenter Servers

network, network folder

networks, virtual machines

Delete Network

Remove a network.

hosts, vCenter Servers



Move Network

Move a network between folders in the inventory.


Privileges are required on both the source and destination objects.

hosts, vCenter Servers

network, source and destination