You can connect a USB device to an ESXi host and copy data to the device from the host. For example, you might want to gather the vm-support bundle from the host after the host loses network connectivity. To perform this task, you must stop the USB arbitrator.

If the USB arbitrator is being used for USB passthrough from an ESXi host to a virtual machine, or if the USB device is formatted with a FAT16 partition and is the maximum size of 2GB, the USB device appears under lsusb but does not mount correctly.

This problem occurs because the usbarbitrator service has claimed the device to make it available for passthrough from the host to virtual machines.


Stop the usbarbitrator service:/etc/init.d/usbarbitrator stop


Disconnect and reconnect the USB device.

By default, the device location is /vmfs/devices/disks/mpx.vmhbaXX:C0:T0:L0.

After using the device, restart the usbarbitrator service:/etc/init.d/usbarbitrator start