When you are configuring a vCenter Server Appliance to work with an external vCenter Single Sign-On server, problems can occur if you set up users incorrectly.

You receive the Failed to authenticate the Single Sign On Administrator user error.

This error occurs for several reasons.


Re-enter the user name using email-style qualification, for example, user@domain.

If you log in as root, enter the user name as root@localos.


Verify that the user account is not locked or disabled.

Log in to the Web Client with the same user name as the one that generated the error message. If the user account is locked or disabled, any other vCenter Single Sign-On administrator can unlock or re-enable the user account. If necessary, create additional vCenter Single Sign-On administrator accounts.


Review /var/log/vmware/sso/utils/sso_servicecfg.log to locate the initial error message.

This log can provide details about the cause of the error and the corrective action to take.