After you create user-defined storage capabilities, you can associate them with datastores.

Whether a datastore has a system-defined storage capability or not, you can assign a user-defined storage capability to it. A datastore can have only one user-defined and only one system-defined storage capability at a time.

You cannot assign a user-defined storage capability to a datastore cluster. However, a datastore cluster inherits a system-defined or user-defined storage capabilities when all its datastores have the same system-defined or user-defined storage capability.

Add a user-defined storage capability to the list of storage capabilities.

Browse to Datastores in the vSphere Web Client navigator. See Display Datastore Information in the vSphere Web Client.


Select the datastore you want to modify.

If you want to assign a storage capability to multiple datastores, select several datastores while holding Ctrl or Shift.


Right-click the selected datastore and select Assign User-Defined Storage Capability.


Assign a storage capability to the datastore.

Select a capability from a list of available storage capabilities.

Create and assign a new user-defined storage capability.

The user-defined storage capability is assigned to the datastore. If you created a new capability, it appears on the list of storage capabilities in the Manage Storage Capabilities dialog box.