The timeout parameter controls how many seconds the ESXi host will retry nonvirtual machine I/O commands to a storage device in an all paths down (APD) state. If needed, you can change the default timeout value.

The timer starts immediately after the device enters the APD state. When the timeout expires, the host marks the APD device as unreachable and fails any pending or new nonvirtual machine I/O. Virtual machine I/O will continue to be retried.

The default timeout parameter on your host is 140 seconds. You can increase the value of the timeout if, for example, storage devices connected to your ESXi host take longer than 140 seconds to recover from a connection loss.


If you change the timeout value while an APD is in progress, it will not effect the timeout for that APD.


Browse to the host in the vSphere Web Client navigator.


Click the Manage tab, and click Settings.


Under System, click Advanced System Settings.


Under Advanced System Settings, select the Misc.APDTimeout parameter and click the Edit icon.


Change the default value.

You can enter a value between 20 and 99999 seconds.