With Dynamic Discovery, each time the initiator contacts a specified iSCSI storage system, it sends the SendTargets request to the system. The iSCSI system responds by supplying a list of available targets to the initiator.

When you set up Dynamic Discovery, you can only add a new iSCSI system. You cannot change the IP address, DNS name, or port number of an existing iSCSI system. To make changes, remove the existing system and add a new one.

Required privilege: Host.Configuration.Storage Partition Configuration


Browse to the host in the vSphere Web Client navigator.


Click the Manage tab, and click Storage.


Click Storage Adapters and select the iSCSI adapter to configure from the list.


Under Adapter Details, click the Targets tab and click Dynamic Discovery.


Click Add.


Type the IP address or DNS name of the storage system and click OK.


Rescan the iSCSI adapter.

After establishing the SendTargets session with the iSCSI system, you host populates the Static Discovery list with all newly discovered targets.