After you create user-defined storage capabilities, you can associate them with datastores.

Whether a datastore has a system-defined storage capability or not, you can assign a user-defined storage capability to it. A datastore can have only one user-defined and only one system-defined storage capability at a time.

You cannot assign a user-defined storage capability to a datastore cluster. However, a datastore cluster inherits a system-defined or user-defined storage capabilities when all its datastores have the same system-defined or user-defined storage capability.

Add a user-defined storage capability to the list of storage capabilities.


In the vSphere Client, select View > Inventory > Datastores and Datastore Clusters.


Right-click a datastore from the inventory and select Assign User-Defined Storage Capability.


Select a storage capability from the list of storage capabilities and click OK.



Create and assign a new user-defined storage capability


Click New.


Type a name and a description.


Click OK.

Select an existing storage capability

Select a user-defined storage capability from the Name drop-down menu and click OK.

The user-defined storage capability appears in the Storage Capabilities pane of the Summary tab of the datastore or its datastore cluster.