Your ESXi host can boot from a FCoE LUN using the software FCoE adapter a network adapter.

When you configure your host for a software FCoE boot, you perform a number of tasks.

The network adapter has the following capabilities:

Support partial FCoE offload (software FCoE).

Contain either a FCoE Boot Firmware Table (FBFT) or a FCoE Boot Parameter Table (FBPT).

For information about network adapters that support software FCoE boot, see the vSphere Compatibility Guide.


To support a software FCoE boot process, a network adapter on your host must have a specially configured FCoE boot firmware. When you configure the firmware, you enable the adapter for the software FCoE boot and specify the boot LUN parameters.


When you set up your system to boot from a software FCoE LUN, you install the ESXi image to the target LUN. You can then boot your host from that LUN.