Use the esxcli command to list all multipathing modules loaded into the system. Multipathing modules manage physical paths that connect your host with storage.

In the procedure, --server=server_name specifies the target server. The specified target server prompts you for a user name and password. Other connection options, such as a configuration file or session file, are supported. For a list of connection options, see Getting Started with vSphere Command-Line Interfaces.

Install vCLI or deploy the vSphere Management Assistant (vMA) virtual machine. See Getting Started with vSphere Command-Line Interfaces. For troubleshooting , run esxcli commands in the ESXi Shell.

To list multipathing modules, run the following command:

esxcli --server=server_name storage core plugin list --plugin-class=MP

This command typically shows the NMP and, if loaded, the MASK_PATH module. If any third-party MPPs have been loaded, they are listed as well.