VMFS5 is a new version of the VMware cluster file system that provides performance and scalability improvements.

If you use a VMFS2 datastore, you must first upgrade it to VMFS3. Follow the instructions in Upgrade VMFS2 Datastores to VMFS3.

All hosts accessing the datastore must support VMFS5.

Verify that the volume to be upgraded has at least 2MB of free blocks available and 1 free file descriptor.


Log in to the vSphere Client and select a host from the Inventory panel.


Click the Configuration tab and click Storage.


Select the VMFS3 datastore.


Click Upgrade to VMFS5.

A warning message about host version support appears.


Click OK to start the upgrade.

The task Upgrade VMFS appears in the Recent Tasks list.


Perform a rescan on all hosts that are associated with the datastore.