You have activated the iSCSI software adapter, configured networking, and bound the storage adapter to the VMkernel network adapter. The iSCSI device is now accessible from the host ESXi-A and you can create a new datastore on the iSCSI device.


Navigate to the My Datacenter object in the inventory.

You created a new datacenter with the default name in Add an ESXi Host to the vCenter Server Inventory by Using the vSphere Web Client.


On the Getting Started tab, click Add a datastore.


Type iSCSI Datastore and click Next.


Click VMFS and click Next.

VMFS datastores can store virtual machine files.


Select your host and the iSCSI device to use for your datastore, and click Next.


Click VMFS 5 and click Next.


Select Use all available partitions and click Next.

This option dedicates the entire disk to a single VMFS datastore. All file systems and data currently stored on this device are destroyed.


In the Ready to Complete page, review the datastore configuration information and click Finish.

You created a new datastore. In a production environment, you can use the vSphere Web Client to enable Jumbo Frames for each vSphere standard switch and VMkernel adapter designated for iSCSI traffic. See vSphere Storage.