You have installed and configured ESXi. To deploy virtual machines and perform administrative tasks, you must install the vSphere Client and use it to manage the host. You can download the vSphere Client installer binary from your host.

Use the standalone vSphere Client application to manage your host directly before you move on to more complex environments. You can use vCenter Server and the browser-based vSphere Web Client to manage multihost environments.


Log in to a Windows system that can access the host network.


Open a Web browser window and type the IP address of your host.


You set the IP address of the host during host configuration.


Click Download vSphere Client and save the installer to a local directory.


Double-click the installer executable.


Accept all default settings in the installer, and click Finish.

You have installed the vSphere Client on your local Windows machine.

Use the vSphere Client to connect to your host and deploy a virtual machine.