You create a VMkernel adapter to access the iSCSI array. You enabled the iSCSI software adapter in the previous task. You must connect the VMkernel, which runs services for iSCSI storage, to a physical network adapter.


Select the host ESXi-A in the inventory.


Click the Manage tab.


Click Networking and click Virtual adapters.


Click the Add host networking icon.


Click VMkernel Network Adapter, and click Next.


Click New standard switch and click Next.


Click the Add adapters icon to assign an adapter to the Active Adapters group and click Next.

Designate a separate network adapter for iSCSI.


In the Network label text box, type iSCSI Network.

A network label is a name that identifies to users the VMkernel adapter that you are creating.


Select Use static IPv4 settings, type the port network settings, and click Next.

Example network settings are listed in Network Environment.

In a production environment, the iSCSI device might be on a separate subnet. In such a case, ensure that the IP settings for the VMkernel adapter are specific to that subnet, but leave the gateway value to its default setting.


Review your settings and click Finish.

Bind the VMkernel adapter to the iSCSI adapter to enable transfer of data from the iSCSI device over the network.