You installed vCenter Server and the vSphere Web Client. You can start managing your vSphere environment in the vSphere Web Client.

You must add ESXi hosts to the vCenter Server inventory, in order to create a vSphere environment and use vSphere features.


In the address bar of the Web browser, type


Type the login credentials for your vCenter Server system.

You configured vCenter Server to use the administrative account of the host Windows machine in an earlier task from the scenario.


In the vSphere Web Client navigator to the left, select your vCenter Server system.


On the Getting Started tab, click Create Datacenter.

You can add hosts to datacenter objects and not directly to vCenter Server objects.


Type New Datacenter as a name for the datacenter, and click OK.


Right-click the New Datacenter object, and select Add Host.


In the Host name or IP text box, type, and click Next.

You set the IP addresses and root passwords of your hosts during installation of ESXi. See Getting Started with ESXi.


Type the user name and password for the ESXi host, and click Next.


In the User name text box, type root.


In the Password text box, type my_esx_password.


Complete the Add Host wizard by accepting the default values.

You can monitor the progress of the Add standalone host task in the Recent tasks panel to the right.

Your host appears in the inventory.

You can add multiple hosts to your vSphere inventory and perform additional scenarios from this book. Navigate to the vCenter Server settings and change the name of your system to My vCenter Server 5.1.