You install vCenter Server as part of a simple installation. You have already installed vCenter Server Sign On and vCenter Inventory Service in the previous tasks.

In vSphere 5.1, you can install vCenter Server only after you have running instances of vCenter Server Sign On and vCenter Inventory Service.

Verify that the VMware vCenter Simple Install application has started the vCenter Server installation.


Leave the License key text box empty to install in evaluation mode, and click Next.

You can use all vCenter Server features for 60 days. You can later use the vSphere Web Client to enter a valid license key.


Click Install a Microsoft SQL Server 2008 Express instance (for small deployments: up to 5 hosts and 50 virtual machines), and click Next.


Leave Use SYSTEM Account selected, and click Next.

The administrative account for vCenter Server will have the same user name and password as your Windows administrative account.


Leave all port settings to their default values, and click Next.


Click Small (less than 100 hosts or 1000 virtual machines), and click Next.


Review your settings, click Install.


Wait for the installation to finish, and click Finish.

Installation of vCenter Single Sign On, vCenter Inventory Service, and vCenter Server has completed successfully. To manage your new vCenter Server system, install the vSphere Web Client.