The first step in the vCenter Simple Install process is to install vCenter Single Sign On. Authentication by vCenter Single Sign On makes the VMware cloud infrastructure platform more secure by allowing vSphere software components to communicate with each other through a secure token exchange mechanism.


In the software installer directory, double-click the autorun.exe file to start the installer.


Select VMware vCenter Simple Install, and click Install.


Follow the prompts in the installation wizard to choose the installer language and agree to the end user patent and license agreements.


Set the password for the vCenter Single Sign On administrator account.

The password must be longer than eight characters and include at least one uppercase character and at least one number.


In the Password text box, type My_password1.


Retype the password to confirm.


Click Next.


Select Install a local Microsoft SQL Server 2008 R2 Express instance, and click Next.

The bundled Microsoft SQL Server 2008 R2 Express database is best suited for small deployments with five or fewer hosts.


Verify that the IP address of the local Windows system appears in the Fully Qualified Domain or IP address text box, and click Next.

In this scenario, the IP address of the Windows system is


Leave the installation directory to the default, and click Next.


Leave the HTTPS port to the default, and click Next.


Click Install and wait for the installation to finish.

The simple installation process runs the individual installers of vCenter Server components in sequence. After the installation of vCenter Single Sign On finishes, continue the vCenter Server setup by installing vCenter Inventory Service.