Get started with ESXi quickly with information about installation and initial setup. The procedures show you how to install and set up a basic inventory for a single-host virtualization environment.

In this scenarios, you are a system administrator who will be installing VMware  ESXi to deploy virtualization for the first time. Specifically, the scenario targets users who meet the following requirements:

Have at least one physical server that meets ESXi requirements

Do not yet have the ESXi software installed

Do not yet have the vSphere Client or VMware  vCenter Server installed

After your host is set up, you can install the vSphere Client, deploy virtual machines, and explore a multiple-host virtualization environment with vCenter Server.

To perform some of the scenarios in this publication, you must have two running ESXi hosts. The convention used in this book refers to those hosts as ESXi-A and ESX-B. Their respective IP addresses are listed in Network Environment.

You can deploy ESXi by using the interactive installer. After the installation and configuration of ESXi, download and install the vSphere Client to manage a single host without a vCenter Server instance.

Workflow for ESXi Installation
Workflow for ESXi installation