You have installed ESXi on one of your machines, designated ESXi-A. After you finish the interactive installation of ESXi, use the direct console to configure your host. Assign the host a specific IP address and review the configuration options that the direct console provides.

As part of the Getting Started with ESXi scenario, you must configure your host with a specific IP address. The direct console lets you configure networking on individual hosts without using the vSphere Client.

After the host finishes the autoconfiguration phase, the direct console appears on the host monitor. Key operations available to you in the direct console include configuring hosts, setting up administrative access, and troubleshooting.


Start the direct console (DCUI) on the host ESXi-A.


Press F2 to access the configuration screen.


Type your administrative login credentials.


In the Login Name text box, type root.


In the Password text box, type my_esx_password.

You set the administrative password in Install ESXi Interactively.


Use the keyboard to select Configure Management Network and press Enter.


Select IP Configuration and press Enter.


Verify that Set static IP address and network configuration is selected, and type the network configuration details.



IP Address

Subnet Mask

Default Gateway

The network details are specific to the scenario. In a production environment, the IP configuration depends on your network settings.


Press Enter to accept the IP configuration changes.

The management network restarts.


(Optional) Repeat the steps for the host ESXi-B and assign to the host the IP address

You configured a new IP address for your host.

Download and install the vSphere Client to manage your ESXi host and deploy virtual machines.