You have assigned permissions by adding a new role-user pair to the vCenter Server system My vCenter Server 5.1. You can use the new user user-deploy with its associated role to deploy a virtual machine from a template. No other actions are possible by using the new user and role.

An OVF template lets you deploy virtual machines without the need to install and configure operating systems.

Verify that you have a virtual machine template in the OVF format. Linux virtual machine templates are freely available for download over the Internet.


Log in to the vSphere Web Client as the user that you associated with the limited role.


In the User name text box, type user-deploy.


In the Password text box, type deploy-password.


Select the host ESX-A.


Click Actions, and select Deploy OVF Template.


Follow the prompts to finish the wizard.

You have used a limited role to deploy from template a new virtual machine.