You licensed your vSphere environment. View the license usage for the vSphere 5 Standard product.

Tracking the license usage for vSphere products can help you to estimate if the available license capacity is sufficient to cover the current and the future licensing needs of your environment and to develop your license purchasing strategy accordingly.


In the vSphere Web Client, select Administration > Licensing > License Reports.


From the Time period drop-down menu, select Custom.


Select the start date and the end date of the period in which you have used your environment in licensed mode and click Recalculate.

The license reporting function aggregates license usage data for the period from the license usage snapshots that vCenter Server collects every hour.


From the Products Chart pane, select vSphere 5 Standard.

Details about the license usage of vSphere 5 Standard appear in the Product Details pane. vSphere 5 Standard has 50% of free license capacity that allows you to grow your environment accordingly.