With the software-based iSCSI implementation, you can use standard NICs to connect your host to a remote iSCSI target on the IP network. The software iSCSI adapter that is built into ESXi allows this connection by communicating with the physical NICs through the network stack.

Verify that you have a iSCSI device that is running on the same network as your hosts.

Use iSCSI only on 100Mbps or faster adapters.


You must activate your software iSCSI adapter so that your host can use it to access iSCSI storage. A software iSCSI adapters is VMware code that is built into the VMkernel. With the software iSCSI adapter, you can use iSCSI technology without specialized hardware.


You create a VMkernel adapter to access the iSCSI array. You enabled the iSCSI software adapter in the previous task. You must connect the VMkernel, which runs services for iSCSI storage, to a physical network adapter.


You will bind the iSCSI software adapter with the VMkernel adapter that you created. Your host can connect to the iSCSI storage device over an IP network by using standard network adapters.


You have activated the iSCSI software adapter, configured networking, and bound the storage adapter to the VMkernel network adapter. The iSCSI device is now accessible from the host ESXi-A and you can create a new datastore on the iSCSI device.