You have defined a role and created a user. To use the role and user, you must assign permissions to the relevant inventory objects.

To assign persmissions, select a user and a role for an object. Permissions propagate to child objects. In a production environment, you can assign the same permissions at one time on multiple objects by moving the objects to a folder and setting the permissions on the folder.


Log in to the vSphere Web Client as the vCenter Server administrator.


In the User name text box, type administrator.


In the Password text box, type My_windows_password.

You configured vCenter Server to use the administrative account of the host Windows machine in the Getting Started with vCenter Server scenario.


Select your vCenter Server system in the object navigator.


Click the Manage tab and click Permissions.


Click the Add Permission icon (+).


In the Add Permission dialog, assign the user and role that you created.


Click Add.


In the Domain drop-down menu, select SYSTEM-DOMAIN.


Select the user user-deploy, and click Add.


In the Assigned Role drop-down menu, select Deployer of virtual machines from template.


Click OK.

The roles that are assigned to the object appear in the menu. The privileges contained in the role are listed in the section below the role title.

The new user entry appears in the list of users and groups that have permissions for the vCenter Server system.

Deploy a virtual machine from template as the new user.