After you make a change to a vCenter Single Sign-On system in a multisite deployment, you can broadcast the change to other vCenter Single Sign-On systems in the deployment. To broadcast a change, import the replication state of the system where the change originated to the other nodes in the multisite deployment.


This procedure completely overrides the state of the target node. You must perform manual transport of replication data sequentially. This means that changes on a node are propagated to all other nodes in the deployment before changes occur on any other nodes.

Export the replication data from the system where the change originates.

Verify that you have vCenter Single Sign-On administrator privileges on the target vCenter Single Sign-On system where you import the replication data.


Log in to the vCenter Single Sign-On system where you will apply the change.


Navigate to the directory SSO install directorysso-replication-cli


Run repl_tool.cmd with the following parameters to import the replication state file. Do not include a space between the flag and the variable.

import -ffile -uadmin_user_name [-ppassword]

Enter the following command-line parameters in the order listed.






Relative or absolute path to a file from which the data is imported.


Name of a valid vCenter Single Sign-On administrator user.


Optional. If you do not enter the password, you are prompted for a password when you run the command.

Single Sign-On imports the replication data and overrides the state of the target node.