Global privileges control global tasks related to tasks, scripts, and extensions.

The table describes privileges required for global tasks in the vSphere Web Client.

Global Privileges

Privilege Name


Required On

Global.Act as vCenter Server

Allows preparation or initiation of a vMotion send operation or a vMotion receive operation.

Root vCenter Server

Global.Cancel task

Allows cancellation of a running or queued task.

Inventory object related to the task

Global.Capacity planning

Allows enabling the use of capacity planning for planning consolidation of physical machines to virtual machines.

Root vCenter Server


Allows retrieval of a list of diagnostic files, log header, binary files, or diagnostic bundle.

To avoid potential security breaches, limit this privilege to the vCenter Server Administrator role.

Root vCenter Server

Global.Disable methods

Allows servers forvCenter Server extensions to disable certain operations on objects managed by vCenter Server.

Root vCenter Server

Global.Enable methods

Allows servers for vCenter Server extensions to enable certain operations on objects managed byvCenter Serverr.

Root vCenter Server

Global.Global tag

Allows adding or removing global tags.

Root host or vCenter Server


Allows viewing the health ofvCenter Server components.

Root vCenter Server


Allows viewing installed licenses and adding or removing licenses.

Root host or vCenter Server

Global.Log event

Allows logging a user-defined event against a particular managed entity.

Any object

Global.Manage custom attributes

Allows adding, removing, or renaming custom field definitions.

Root vCenter Server


Allows access to an internal interface for adding or removing endpoints to or from the proxy.

Root vCenter Server

Global.Script action

Allows scheduling a scripted action in conjunction with an alarm.

Any object

Global.Service managers

Allows use of the resxtop command in the vSphere CLI.

Root host or vCenter Server

Global.Set custom attribute

Allows viewing, creating, or removing custom attributes for a managed object.

Any object


Allows reading and modifying runtime vCenter Server configuration settings.

Root vCenter Server

Global.System tag

Allows adding or removing system tags.

Root vCenter Server