When you make a change on a vCenter Single Sign-On system and the system is part of multisite vCenter Single Sign-On deployment, you can manually broadcast the change to the other systems in the deployment. To broadcast a change, export the replication state from the system where the change occurred.

You must perform manual transport of replication data sequentially. The changes on a node are propagated to all other nodes in the deployment before changes occur on other nodes.

Verify that you have vCenter Single Sign-On administrator privileges on the vCenter Single Sign-On system where you export the replication data.


Log in to the vCenter Single Sign-On system where the change originates.


Navigate to the following directory: SSO install directorysso-replication-cli


Run the repl_tool.cmd with the following parameters to export the replication state file.

export -f file -u admin_user_name [-p password]

Enter the following command-line parameters in the order listed.






Relative or absolute path to a file where the data is exported.


Name of a valid vCenter Single Sign-On administrator user.


Optional. If you do not supply the password, you are prompted for a password when you run the command.

The file is exported to the directory you specified.


Copy the exported file to the target vCenter Single Sign-On systems or to a location that is accessible by the other systems in the deployment.

Import the replication data to the target systems.