To protect the integrity of the ESXi host, do not allow users to install unsigned (community-supported) VIBs. An unsigned VIB contains untested code that is not certified by, accepted by, or supported by VMware or its partners. Community-supported VIBs do not have a digital signature.

The ESXi Image Profile lets you set an acceptance level for the type of VIBs that are allowed on the host. The acceptance levels include the following.

VMware Certified. VIBs that are VMware Certified are created, tested, and signed by VMware.

VMware Accepted. VIBs that are created by a VMware partner, but tested and signed by VMware.

Partner Supported. VIBs that are created, tested, and signed by a certified VMware partner.

Community Supported. VIBs that have not been tested by VMware or a VMware partner.

For more information about Image Builder, see the vSphere Installation and Setup documentation.