Datacenter privileges control the ability to create and edit data centers in the vSphere Web Client inventory.

All data center privileges are used in vCenter Server only. The Create datacenter privilege is defined on data center folders or the root object. All other data center privileges are pair with data centers, data center folders, or the root object.

Datacenter Privileges

Privilege Name


Required On

Datacenter.Create datacenter

Allows creation of new data center.

Data center folder or root object

Allows moving a data center.

Privilege must be present at both the source and destination.

Data center, source and destination

Datacenter.Network protocol profile configuration

Allows configuration of the network profile for a data center.

Data center

Datacenter.Query IP pool configuration

Allows configuration of a pool of IP addresses.

Data center

Datacenter.Reconfigure datacenter

Allows reconfiguration of a data center.

Data center

Datacenter.Release IP allocation

Allows releasing the assigned IP allocation for a data center.

Data center

Datacenter.Remove datacenter

Allows removal of a data center.

In order to have permission to perform this operation, you must have this privilege assigned to both the object and its parent object.

Data center plus parent object

Datacenter.Rename datacenter

Allows changing the name of a data center.

Data center