Certain vSphere editions include the license for vSphere Replication.

vSphere Replication does not have a separate license. You can use vSphere Replication if you have an edition of vSphere that includes the vSphere Replication license.

vSphere Essentials Plus

vSphere Standard

vSphere Enterprise

vSphere Enterprise Plus

If you have the correct vSphere license, there is no limit on the number of virtual machines that you can replicate by using vSphere Replication.

You cannot use vSphere Replication to replicate virtual machines on ESXi hosts that do not have the correct vSphere license. You can install vSphere Replication on an ESXi host that does not have the correct license, but attempts to configure replication on virtual machines on that host fail with a licensing error.

If you configure a virtual machine for replication on a host with the correct vSphere license and move it to a host with an unsupported license, vSphere Replication stops replication of that virtual machine. You can disable vSphere Replication on a configured virtual machine on the unlicensed host.