The vSphere Replication appliance provides all the components that vSphere Replication requires.

A plug-in to the vSphere Web Client that provides a user interface for vSphere Replication.

An embedded database that stores replication configuration and management information.

A vSphere Replication Management Server and a vSphere Replication Server that provide the core of the vSphere Replication infrastructure.

You must deploy the vSphere Replication appliance on the primary and secondary sites in your virtual environment.

You can use vSphere Replication without performing any configuration of the vSphere Replication appliance after you deploy it. However, the vSphere Replication appliance provides a virtual appliance management interface (VAMI), that you can optionally use to reconfigure the appliance after deployment, if necessary. For example, you can use the VAMI to change the appliance security settings, change the network settings, or configure an external database.