The vSphere Replication virtual appliance includes the VMware standard embedded vPostgreSQL database. You can also configure vSphere Replication to use an external database.

Automated migration between the embedded database and any external databases is not supported in any direction. If you must configure an external database, you must manually migrate the data or manually recreate all replications.

You can configure vSphere Replication to use one of the supported external databases.

Microsoft SQL



External vPostgreSQL databases are not supported. vSphere Replication supports the same database versions as vCenter Server. For supported database versions, see the VMware Product Interoperability Matrixes at

When you create a Microsoft SQL Server database, you must configure it correctly to support vSphere Replication.

You must configure an Oracle Server database correctly to support vSphere Replication.

If you use vSphere Replication with a DB2 database, vSphere Replication requires system temporary table space with at least 16K page size and user temporary table space.