You can enable DirectPath I/O with vMotion for virtual machines in a datacenter on a Cisco UCS system that has at least one supported Cisco UCS Virtual Machine Fabric Extender (VM-FEX) distributed switch.

Enable high performance network I/O on at least one Cisco UCS port profile on a supported Cisco VM-FEX distributed switch. For supported switches and switch configuration, see Cisco's documentation at

Power off the virtual machine.


In the vSphere Client, select the VMs and Templates inventory view.


Right-click the virtual machine to modify and click Edit Settings.


On the Resources tab, select Memory.


Select Unlimited.


On the Hardware tab, select the network adapter to configure as a passthrough device.


Select a port profile with high performance enabled from the network label drop-down menu, and click OK.


Power on the virtual machine.

After the virtual machine is powered on, DirectPath I/O appears as Active on the Hardware tab of the virtual machine properties dialog box.