You can edit general distributed port group settings such as the distributed port group name and port group type.


Log in to the vSphere Client and select the Networking inventory view.


Right-click the distributed port group in the inventory pane, and select Edit Settings.


Select General to edit the following distributed port group settings.




Type the name for the distributed port group.


Type a brief description of the distributed port group.

Number of Ports

Type the number of ports on the distributed port group.

Port binding

Choose when ports are assigned to virtual machines connected to this distributed port group.

Select Static binding to assign a port to a virtual machine when the virtual machine connects to the distributed port group.

Select Dynamic binding to assign a port to a virtual machine the first time the virtual machine powers on after it is connected to the distributed port group. Dynamic binding has been deprecated in ESXi 5.0.

Select Ephemeral for no port binding. You can assign a virtual machine to a distributed port group with ephemeral port binding also when connected to the host.


Click OK.