vSphere 5.1 and later allows you to connect directly to a host to fix distributed switch properties or other networking misconfigurations using the Direct Console User Interface (DCUI).

Recovery is not supported on stateless ESXi instances.

For more information on accessing and using the DCUI, see the vSphere Security documentation.

The Management Network must be configured on a distributed switch. This is the only way you can fix distributed switch configuration errors using the DCUI.


Connect to the DCUI.


From the Network Restore Options menu, select Restore vDS.


Type the correct values for VLAN uplink and blocked properties, where appropriate.


Press Enter.

The DCUI clones a host local port from the existing misconfigured port and applies the values you provided for VLAN and Blocked. The DCUI changes the Management Network to use the new host local port to restore connectivity to vCenter Server. vCenter Server picks up the new host local port and updates its database with the new information. vCenter Server creates a standalone port that is connected to the Management Network.