Use the Import function to create a distributed switch from an exported configuration file. The configuration file contains valid network configurations, enabling distribution of these configurations to other deployments.

This functionality is available only with the vSphere Web Client 5.1 or later. However, you can import settings from any version of distributed switch if you use the vSphere Web Client 5.1 or later.


Browse to a datacenter In the vSphere Web Client navigator.


Right-click the datacenter in the navigator and select All vCenter Actions > Import Distributed Switch.


Browse to the location of your saved configuration file.


Select the Preserve original distributed switch and port group identifiers check box.


Click Next.

If you entered notes about the saved configuration file, they appear in the Notes section.


Review the import settings before completing the import.


Click Finish.

A new distributed switch is created with configuration settings from the configuration file. If you included distributed port group information in your configuration file, the distribute port groups are also created.