The vCenter Solutions Manager displays the vSphere ESX Agent Manager agents that you use to deploy and manage related agents on ESX hosts.

An administrator uses the solutions manager to keep track of whether a solution's agents are working as expected. Outstanding issues are reflected by the solution's ESX Agent Manager status and a list of issues.

When a solution's state changes, the solutions manager updates the ESX Agent Manager's summary status and state. Administrators use this status to track whether the goal state is reached.

The agency's health status is indicated by a specific color:

Red. The solution must intervene for the ESX Agent Manager to proceed. For example, if a virtual machine agent is powered off manually on a compute resource and the ESX Agent Manager does not attempt to power on the agent. The ESX Agent Manager reports this action to the solution. The solution alerts the administrator to power on the agent.

Yellow. The ESX Agent Manager is actively working to reach a goal state. The goal state can be enabled, disabled, or uninstalled. For example, when a solution is registered, its status is yellow until the ESX Agent Manager deploys the solutions agents to all the specified compute resources. A solution does not need to intervene when the ESX Agent Manager reports its ESX Agent Manager health status as yellow.

Green. A solution and all its agents reached the goal state.