You can use reporting to apply a tolerance range for the alarm triggers. This can help you distinguish temporary problems from more serious, chronic ones. The Reporting settings allow you to specify the amount a condition or state must exceed the trigger value before the alarm triggers.

Reporting settings include Range and Frequency. Range is the threshold the monitored condition or state must exceed the specified trigger limit for the alarm to trigger. Frequency is the length of time between each re-triggering for as long as the condition or state exists. The Reporting tab is disabled for alarms with event-based triggers.

Open the Reporting tab of the Alarm Settings dialog box. See View and Edit Alarm Settings.

Required Privilege: Alarms.Create Alarm or Alarm.Modify Alarm


(Optional) Specify how far over, or under, trigger limits the conditions must exceed before the alarm is triggered again.


(Optional) Select a Frequency.

The frequency sets the time period during which a triggered alarm is not reported again. When the time period has elapsed, the alarm will report again if the condition or state is still true.

Optionally specify alarm actions, or click OK to save your changes and exit the dialog box.