You can use replay mode with command-line options.

The following table lists the command-line options available for esxtop replay mode.

Command-Line Options in Replay Mode




Path to the vm-support collected snapshot’s directory.


Show all statistics. This option overrides configuration file setups and shows all statistics. The configuration file can be the default ~/.esxtop50rc configuration file or a user-defined configuration file.


Runs esxtop in Batch mode.

c filename

Load a user-defined configuration file. If the -c option is not used, the default configuration filename is ~/.esxtop50rc. Create your own configuration file and specify a different filename using the W single-key interactive command.


Specifies the delay between panel updates. The default is five seconds. The minimum is two seconds. If a delay of less than two seconds is specified, the delay is set to two seconds.


Number of iterations esxtop updates the display this number of times and then exits.