You must download a FTP Boot ZIP file from your Auto Deploy server. The customized FTP server serves the boot images that Auto Deploy provides. You can perform the task in the vSphere Web Client.

Make sure your system meets the requirements in the preinstallation checklist. See Proof of Concept Preinstallation Checklist.

Perform all preceding proof of concept setup tasks. See Auto Deploy Proof of Concept Setup for the complete list.


From your Web browser, access the URL of the vSphere Web Client that connects to the vCenter Server system which manages the Auto Deploy Server.


When the Certificate warning appears continue to the vCenter Server system.


In the inventory, drill down to the vCenter Server system.


Click the Manage tab, select Settings, and click Auto Deploy.


Click Download TFTP Boot Log to download the TFTP configuration file.

The Auto Deploy Settings pane lets you Download the TFTP Boot ZIP and Download the Auto Deploy Log


Save the file ( to the TFTP_Root directory that you created when you installed the TFTP Server and unzip the file into that directory.


Minimize the Web browser you are using with the vSphere Web Client.

Prepare the depot from which Auto Deploy retrieves the ESXi software when it provisions the hosts. See Prepare the ESXi Software Depot.