To use an Oracle database for your vCenter Server repository, configure your database to work with vCenter Server.


To use an Oracle database when you install vCenter Server, you must configure the database user.


When you use an Oracle database with vCenter Server, the database must have certain table spaces and privileges. To simplify the process of creating the database, you can run a script. You also can create the database manually.


The vCenter Server installer creates the schema during installation. For experienced database administrators who need more control over schema creation because of environmental constraints, you can optionally use a script to create your database schema.


Configure a connection for local access if you install vCenter Server on the same system as the Oracle database.


Before a vCenter Server system can access the Oracle database remotely, you must configure an Oracle connection.


Before a vCenter Server system can connect to an Oracle database locally, you must set up the connection.


vCenter Server Database Monitoring captures metrics that enable the administrator to assess the status and health of the database server. Enabling Database Monitoring helps the administrator prevent vCenter downtime because of a lack of resources for the database server.