You can set up networking for your Auto Deploy reference host and apply the host profile to all other hosts to guarantee a fully functional networking environment.

Provision the host you want to use as your reference host with an ESXi image by using Auto Deploy.


In the vSphere Web Client, select the host and click the Networking tab.


Perform networking setup.

If you are using virtual switches and not vSphere Distributed Switch, do not add other VMkernel NICs to vSwitch0.


After the reference host is configured, reboot the system to verify that vmk0 is connected to the Management Network.


Create a host profile from the host.

Write a rule that applies the host profile to all hosts that you want to provision with the settings that you specified in the reference host. See Assign a Host Profile to Hosts.

For hosts already provisioned with Auto Deploy, perform the compliance testing and repair operations to provision them with the new host profile. See Test and Repair Rule Compliance.

Turn on unprovisioned hosts to provision them with the new host profile.